Saturday, November 13, 2010


Lately, all I've been wanting to was to escape.
Away from people, from the stress, from this environment I'm in.
For once, I want to set my life straight.

This begins to feel like a quarter-life crisis and I'm stuck and it isn't going easy on me.
I've been doing a lot of escapism and it's not helping at all.
I'm surrounded with good friends but when everything ends and I'm in my bed, it's a different story.
It's where all the emotions mix up and thoughts go haywire.
I wish I could get this over with and be able to breathe again.

I totally dislike you 13th of November. You are breaking me bad.


  1. I fully sympathize. I've been through that phase. Still going through it actually. But then again, just when you thought the worst has happened, something good always reminds me life is still beautiful. I hope I can be one of those reminders for you :)

    Mag-dessert na tayo Mimaiiiii!

  2. krissssssy!!!!
    yes, i'm looking out for those reminders all the time before I completely lose myself.

    yes, we need to do dessert. that will cheer us up. :)


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