Saturday, November 13, 2010

I need a Happy Pill.

In attempts of cheering myself up, I got this.

Will probably get out on this one day when I'm comfortable enough with people staring at my boots.


  1. oh my!!! gusto ko rin ng cherry red DMs! *dies of envy* <3

    Lee []

  2. Haha! Hi Lee! :D These DMs of mine and I are like destiny. :) I had them for a very cheap price from a friend who happened to sell them bec it's too big for her and it was in my size.

  3. Does that TLR work?
    Are you selling it?
    Can I buy it?


  4. Miwi!
    Sorry but I'm not selling it :(
    it's one of my collection. I still don't know if it's working tho, i'm gonna go have it checked pa.


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