Saturday, August 11, 2012

Min Sok: Our Favorite Korean Restaurant

Last week, we finally had the chance to visit Min Sok Korean Restaurant (Min Sok Saeng Deung Sim). I've been reading good things about it so I guess me and D should try it for ourselves -- and they were not kidding, we are now Min Sok fans! (We actually planned our next visit already...and the 3rd visit! Haha! Obsessed already?)

Finding Min Sok was the challenge. D only have one and a half hours of lunch break, so good thing Jupiter is near Poblacion. Off we go on a taxi and we got lost, went back our way and after asking directions for the nth time, found ourselves outside Min Sok. Looking for it may take a lot of patience but it will be worth it, I tell you!

Min sok is a very simple restaurant. Don't expect anything grand interior-wise, just plain chairs and tables with grills on top. They will give you a small plate with sujeo (spoon and chopsticks). No problem if you're a first-timer because their staff is friendly and will answer to your questions and needs. And the owner is pretty hands-on to as well. :)

We ordered samgyupsal (pork belly) and chadolbaki (sliced beef brisket), these are the meat portion of our meal. It is served with greens and with that, I mean leaves. Yes, a lot of lettuce leaves and the other kind that I do not know what it's called (am not really the vegetable guru). They also serve quite a number of free banchan (side dishes) like kimchi and chewy fish cakes.

There are also onions, chili and garlic with the greens. These can also be grilled to add flavor to the meat.
If you've known me long enough, you are already familiar then with my non-existent vegetable love affair. But there's always a time for change and exceptions can be made. This is one of those moments.

Samgyupsal (Php300). 

The meat is accompanied by dipping sauces, the duenjang (it seemed like fish paste to me) and the gireumjang (sesame oil with salt and black pepper mix).

THE HOLY GRAIL OF SOUPS. Haha. I might be exaggerating but both D and I loved this. 
I believe it's called deunjang jjigae (Php220) or they called it miso soup. Mildly spicy soup with veggies, a little meat and tofu. Perfect for cold and rainy weather. This is the reason why we want to go back again!
You can get this soup for free if you get two orders of meat for grilling. 

A lot of banchan! I think they serve around 5-7. You can eat this alone or put 'em in your meat-leaf wrap.
PS. I love their kimchi. Explains why there's no photo of it. I immediately attacked it. Haha!

We ordered rice (Php50) because we just can't eat without rice but the meat-leaf wrap alone is good enough so you give rice a pass.

Chadolbaki (Php350)
I think I liked samgyupsal better than chadolbaki but we'll try the other meats next time. :) I can't wait to go back to Min Sok again and have another round of  deunjang jjigae, kimchi and samgyupsal!

밥 먹으러 가자!
(let's go eat!)

Min Sok Saeng Deung Sim
5655 Don Pedro cor. Jacobo Street,
Poblacion, Makati

Thanks to Robx for giving me the idea of placing a map reference on my food posts. :)


  1. Samgkyupsal is a favorite! Here in the south we usually get our Korean fix in BF. Makes me wanna visit!

    1. Ooooh, I must go my way to BF then to try other places!

  2. Samgkyupsal is my fave here too! Actually, I love Korean food! Thanks to my Korean friends who regularly spoil me with homecooked Korean food! :D

    1. Just discovered Korean food recently and boy, am I hooked! :D

  3. Lovely photos and review..Samgkyupsal looks to be worth a try since I have never tried it.

  4. Love Korean food so much, especially the 'Kalbijim' I'm not sure of the spelling =)

  5. Do they accept credit card in minsok?

  6. Yum! I love Korean food. I love all the banchan that is served! It's great when restaurants aren't stingy about refilling them.

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  7. Hi. My friends and I want to go there, but we don't know how. Can we go there through LRT or MRT? We are from sta. cruz manila.

    Please help.. Thank you!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))

  8. Hi Kyla!

    Yup, you can go there via LRT or MRT. If you're from Sta. Cruz, you can take the MRT heading to Guadalupe. From there, I believe you can ride a jeep heading to Poblacion. :)


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