Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cebu Weekend.

Last weekend was spent in my second hometown -- Cebu. :)

Weekends are best spent outside Manila and in my case this time, I'm back to Cebu (again, for the nth time)! Cebu is probably the place that I'll never get tired of. :)

My impromptu trip was suppose to be for an errand to drive for the mother for their high school batch reunion but then turned out that I won't be the driver anymore. And the whole Saturday was up to me to waste. And soooo... I didn't notice that I just spent half the day asleep and bumming in the house. Haha! Late afternoon was spent by going on thrifting!!!

My favorite find! A V-neck shirt with green owls on them. ♥ I'm acquiring this love for V-neck shirts, probably because of my semi-obsession with my clavicle. Shhh...

I also bought a few items and thus the "wallet damaged" status was declared! :))
Aaaaaand the highlight of it all was the stuffed toy Totoro (from My Neighbor Totoro) and Tamama (from Sgt. Keroro) that I got for 350 php. Both of them. Hee~

Then Sunday got hectic because of Church and other errands and in between trips.

Fort San Pedro. We were supposed to drop by the Galleon ship docked in Pier uno, unfortunately the queue was too long so we just went inside Fort San Pedro.

Too bad I wasn't able to take too many pictures because: a) I was too lazy to do so. b) the rain was unpredictable and c) I don't know the other reasons. Haha.

PS. I will have Alcide this weekend!!! I'm overjoyed!! :D


  1. Oh Mimai, thank youuu for introducing me to the joys of thrifting ♥♥♥

    I'm just waiting for our VL credits to be refreshed next year harhar and it's off to Cebu for me, too! :)

  2. Krisssssy!!!!! Thrifting is so much love, yes?
    Haha im excited for your Singapore trip! And your pictures from it too! I love your new photos! They're lovely~ :) maybe one day I can join your shoots? :P

    WOOO!!! Yay!! Let's go Cebu and meet up with Miriam!!! :D

  3. i really love the way you blog. haay. i cant wait to be part of this thing again..

  4. Yes, come to Cebu, you two. :)

  5. I just came across your blog, and I instantly loved it. Pretty photos!

    Feel free to drop by! :)

  6. @pinky hi!! thanks! will drop by your blog -- in a while! :P

  7. It's been like ages since the last time I visited this blog. hehehe.

    Yeah, the queue for the galleon that time was too long. pffft!

    I was like 5 persons away from the entrance then umulan. gaaah.

    BTW, nice hair. short hair na. hehe \m/


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