Thursday, May 13, 2010

Superhero wannabe.

I've always dreamed of becoming a superhero just because. 

And everytime I get my hands full and being happy all at the same time, I think I'm being one. :) Coming home from our vacation last week until now, I have been very busy and happy at the same time. National elections happened 10th of May and me and some friends volunteered to aid for the very important event. It was such a great experience to help, conquering a fear (somehow), having fun, new friends, getting seen on the television, and everything in between.

But before I forget, join RunwithScissors awesome giveaway!

My basic photography workshop started last Sunday. It was a good outlet for releasing stress and learning new things! But the assignment are >___<; Haha. It will keep me busy for the coming weeks!

Being part of something for a noble cause, waking up early at 3:30 am and commuting under the scorching heat of the sun was all worth it.

YouthPinoy represent!

First Day (May 10, 2010) assigned at the Outbound Calls. But still we received incoming calls! Toxic!

Jomari, Emz, Sir Val (a highschool mentor of mine) and Jen! Fun people to be with!

The May 10 (6am-12nn) Inbound and Outbound volunteers.

More pictures under the cut! :D

If you could be a superhero, what superpowers would you want to have?

YAY bacon mushroom melt!! <333

Yesterday was our last day of volunteering, spent the afternoon with the bi-eep. I slept while we were having italian soda at SBC. I was really tired for the first three days of the week ~

A mail was waiting for me when I got home! :D Happyyyyyy!!!

I did my assignments today and I think I did well. ^__^

And somebody called today and asked if I could go to a job interview tomorrow. Wow. That was really unexpected. I also passed my application for the travel magazine contributing photographer job I really, really want to have. Wish me luck!

And I saw this picture last weekend. Added to the list of favorites. Much love!

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  1. goodluck on everything! you're good at those naman eh... :) you have all my support! yay!i hope you win the best shot category!

    super powers? teleportation still! and you know why..


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