Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hello, Manila. I'm back in your arms again.

Before anything else, I would like to share that Miss Indie is having her 100+ giveaway on her blog. She has an awesome blog and a person of awesome talent. :]

I arrived last night from my week long vacation from Cebu, it was a sad & happy feeling.

I wish I could stay longer with the familia and have more fun and pig-out (that's the sad part) but I have to go home because my basic photography workshop class will begin tomorrow (that's the YAY! part).

And this pretty thing was waiting for me at home. A surprise from the boyfriend which came to me as a very weird surprise because he's not really into such things. But hey, flowers are on their prettiest when given with love. hrhrhr~ excuse moi while I am secretly dying inside. Haha.

Yesterday was one of the most fun days I had during our vacation. :]
We went ziplining AGAIN :)), and this time we tried doing it upside down! -- and we did it twice! CRAZY!

Unexpectedly, because of doing so I was able to witness the rainbow around the sun! Yes! AROUND THE SUN! It was very lovely. I wasn't able to take pictures because I was too caught in the moment that I forgot I had Yue with me.

Ziplining! :) from mimai on Vimeo.

And then after a good lunch with Lechon in the menu (oh hello, cholesterol)~ we visited Cebu Zoo.
For a fee of 25php, it was worth every peso because you can interact with their resident reticulated phyton, a kite (i'm not sure if it was really a kite though, I forgot to ask), they say you can also touch the crocodile but I said pass and they also have Bogart, their bengal tiger in the house. Too bad it was having it's mid-day nap so I didn't insist on wanting to touch him.

Such a big baby! Can I hug him? .__.

He's such a wonderful thing to pet and look at. Smooth feathers and all. And very friendly!

The moment was intense but I really wanted to face my fear. -- I DID IT!! 

And then I got nervous when it started moving and headed under my --*WHAT?!?* Underarms. >__<
LOL. I know I had been sweating the entire morning but I was smelling fine, but why oh why are you under my armpits you -- large, scary but they-say-friendly snake? If I was to be bitten by a snake, I'd be damned to think it'll be in the armpits. Hahaha! Thankfully he was indeed friendly and decided to move himself from my armpits to my shoulder, he stayed there for a while and I was trying not to be scared about it. Guess what, I had that thing on me for almost a minute. -__-;;

I will not pass acting classes, yes? I'm such a fail~ I am supposed to be scared but I am ROFL.

I guess I'll short this post for now and continue later as I will have to get prepared and attend an orientation for volunteers on election day on Monday. 2 days til' the elections! Who would you vote for president & vice-president?

ETA: I'm back and will be adding more pictures! Brace yourselves people. :P


  1. hey doll!
    ohmygosh, the banner you made for my giveaway is freaking amazing! I put it at the top of my post, I hope you don't mind.

    I loveee your blog, it is so cute! I am definitely a follower now. :]
    XO. m

  2. *squeals in excitement* Haha! Thanks! I love your work miss Indie! And sure I don't mind about the banner. :)

    Your giveaway is amazing! I hope I win! :P

    Much love! xo

  3. Awesome to hear you had fun zip-lining and going to the zoo. I'm happy you got to interact with the sea-kite! They scream like anything, but I'm glad you got to befriend this fellow.

    Thumbs up to you handling the python too. Once you give it some time, it's actually amazing how much muscle he (or is it a she?) can have under all that skin. I'd imagine the python would be so used to being picked up and worn -- "oh, hello, another human. Don't mind me, just relaxing here."

    As for the spider -- he's actually going "O HAI DER!" XD


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