Friday, May 14, 2010

My Life In Pictures

This is for my partners on swapbot for the 'Your life in pictures' swap.

This how my day went yesterday (May 13, 2010)~ :)

I spend most of my time in my room. It's a personal space of mine where I feel safe and comfortable all the time (well, maybe except when the temperature gets too humid and all I have is a fan to cool the room).
I have quite a number of pillows on my bed because I like to snuggle on them. The ginormous teddy bear, we call him '36', he was given to me Christmas of 2009 and the little one hiding behind the camera bag is '6'. My camera and eggs are on my bed because yesterday I had to do my assignment for my basic photography workshop class and those eggs were used as subjects.

I visited our garden at the rooftop yesterday and this what I saw! Such a pretty flower~ I had it as a a subject for my assignment too.

Whenever I'm in my room I am either: sleeping, doing some crafts or glued to the internet. After spending half of my day taking pictures of things, I turn to the internet for unwinding. I regularly visit this site called ScribblerToo because I can doodle things and write something and you will get a very nice effect on it like the one above, you just have to tweak some settings here and there and the possibility is endless. :)

That's it for my life in pictures! I hope you enjoyed it! ;D

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