Monday, May 17, 2010

Secret Bad-ass Superhero.

Let me start with this photo. No words necessary, yes?


Things in my life right now are in a swirly state, in a sort of chaos-with-a-little-goodness-in-between kind of swirl.

The start of my weekend was good, in fact, great in a lot of ways. I had a job exam last Friday, it was difficult but it was an experience. Saturday, the family went to the movies -- we watched Iron Man 2 (oh goodlord, Robert Downey Jr. you'd be the death of me) and Here Comes the Bride. It had been a while since we went to the movies, busy days were to blame.
Sunday, me and Karen went to our basic photography workshop where my afternoon was spent in a battle with the zzz's. My assignment didn't turn out as I expected, so it got more criticisms than commendations. Boo. Another assignment for next Sunday but I am quite lethargic on doing it. -___-;; The bi-eep surprisingly fetched us from class then we had a simple dinner together. The moon and a star last night was far too amazing not to look at.

Everything was doing great until something came up and ruined everything. Sheesh.

Anyways, today's a new day so better not to dwell on bad things.

Mails to send out today.

...and a mail received! :D Look at those Homer and Marge stamps!

Found an old photo album and I had a little blast from the past. :)

I can fit well inside a basket. Very space saving.

No throwing tantrums please.

Bungisngis picture #1.

Bungisngis picture #2.

Sort of Bungisngis picture #3 | I never thought to have such a bad-ass shirt at a very young age. Haha.

With the little brother. I had a much longer hair before that it reached my waist.

My elementary years I spent too much on performing arts and getting good grades in school.

Four years ago when I reached 18. ghei. LOL.

Four years later, I turned out to be this secret bad-ass superhero they never thought I'd be from the little princess I was before.

Who'd you turned out to be?

Much Love,
Sixsunshines xoxo

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