Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Picking up Flowers.

ETA: I think I gained a little more cheek. Ack.

I'm moving into all different directions and it's difficult making choices.

I had my job interview again today (the last time was only an exam, I guess I passed it) and it went well. I was asked if I could work any time soon but I said that I'll get back to them. I've learned my lesson already on making haste decisions. This time I want to make sure that I hands down to the option I'll choose and of course, that I'll be HAPPY with it. I know this way of thinking of mine gets impractical at times but I'd rather take it than whine and complain all throughout because I'm not happy blah blah blah. And the decision-making becomes more difficult when you have to consider not only yourself but also other people -- it's a tough thing to do. If I still was still carefree-I-don't-give-a-damn person I was before because I there was only myself to mind and my parents were there to support (and who knows how much they want me to actually go and be on my own, considering how they push to go abroad and work). It's a tough case. It had been since.

But then again there will come a point where you would just have to pick one and whatever the consequences may be, you just have to deal with it.

I hope I'll take the better, happier choice.

And I haz new twitter background that I found in Photobucket. Yellow giraffes!!

Listened to the Brewrats again in a long time tonight and they never fail to make me smile. Especially Sir RA & Sir Ramon Bautista. :) LOL I am not the girl next door. Haha. It made my day.

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