Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Life Lately Chapter 8

Hi! I'm still alive. Haha! September was crazy. Crazy but fun. I was supposed to update last week, but my website is ongoing migration (yes, I'm moving to WP!). However, for some reason, it was delayed so I'm back to Blogspot for now so here goes my quick recap of my September life affair. 

(1) Light set-up shoot practice for my wedding photography apprenticeship. I really pray that the day will come that I can attend more shoots.

(2) APCC Presscon!! Mira and I attended the presscon (me for WIM, she for WGG) and it was a lot of fun. We got to meet Jeremy Shada, Make Out Monday, Allison Harvard, J*Ryu, and Vampy Bit Me.

(3) And we were also able to cover the 3-day AsiaPOP Comicon!! WOOT! Thanks to the awesome people I worked with and allowed WeGoneGeek to cover the event. It was the most tiring con I've been to. Like for realz. Haha! BUT IT WAS MOTHERDUCKIN MARVELOUS.

You can check out the APCC photos HERE.


(5) Media session with Colton Haynes.

(6) Pulled off our Steampunk Adventure Time cosplay!! You have no idea of the amount of cramming I poured on my get-up, so I was really happy that we pulled it off and looked pretty decent at it.

(7) PAUL BETTANY. Need I say more?

(8) Got my Iron Man helmet!!

(9) I've been playing Ingress for years now and it was the first time that I met other agents irl (except my friends), so it was quite a surprise to finally meet the people behind the IGNs that I've known for some time now.

(10) A Sunday of just playing with my pens and watercolor. It was a short but good break. 

(11) And suddenly, team building at the middle of the week. In Batangas. With no signal. I think I experienced internet sepanx during our stay there. Haha! But I enjoyed it a lot and made me appreciate my job more and the tasks I render to the company.

(12) Ended my Thursday with a cake hangout with Kevin. He's the guy behind the funny memes at the 'Suit Up Commuter'. Go follow him, guys! He's incredibly nice!

(13) Komiket was held last weekend and I went there to support my artist friends, MNG group. Grace sold fandom stickers (which I hoarded btw) and this Fe Man sticker is one of em. Get it, get it? Iron?

(14) I also had to buy this Heneral Luna print. Because HENERAL LUNA. It is now one of my favorite Filipino films and if you haven't watched it yet, I am telling you now (with immense conviction) to GO and WATCH IT.

(15) And last Sunday, I was able to stay at the Red Planet Hotels in Ortigas which was very convenient as it is near my workplace so my Monday was a whole lot better with the reduced commute to work. :)

Andddd that's it! I have lots of stories in the gaps of these photos but let's deal with that next time. Okay?

Also, WeGoneGeek's first and second episode is out! Check it outtt yow!

Episode 1 - What is a GEEK?

Episode 2 - WeGoneGeek Goes to AsiaPOP Comicon 2015!

And our website is already up and running as well! Hope you can give it a visit! http://www.wegonegeek.com/

Smell ya later, guys! xx

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