Saturday, September 12, 2015

Life Lately Chapter 7

And just like that, 3 weeks have passed. I was again caught in a whirlwind of work, friends and WeGoneGeek. But my heart is happy (not in a romantic way, okay). Haha! I hope you guys are doing well and life is treating you well. :)

So here I am and I will try to pack into this massive blog post the past 3 weeks. Hope you guys won't get too bored! I would very much love to hear from you lot!

Aside from the crazy workload that's constantly on my shoulder, here are the happenings that made my little sunshine-y heart a heap more grateful and happy.

(1) Office after-work game nights. We've played Resistance and I always get accused as the spy. Haha!
(2) Uniqlo x Star Wars new line was released!! I got myself a sweater that is now a favorite.
(3) I got new glasses! (not that one though) But invested in a multi-coated, transition lens. :D My wallet is crying but my eyes are happy. Less blinding noontime sunlight!
(4) Late night shenanigans with my beloved lolas
(5) Watched La Cage Aux Folles!! Audie Gemora and Michael De Mesa = AMAZING. The Cagelles (?) were so lovely. They have better legs than me. :)))
(6 & 7) Spent the long weekend in La Union with my sister, crafty people, and the sea. Played with the dogs as the night crawled. It was one of those memories that I'll treasure.
(8) WEGONEGEEK!! I don't how to express my love and pride for WGG and my WGG girls. They made my little dream into reality. We have a couple of videos already up on our YT channel which you can find here. Our Episode 1 is coming out soon! But we've done two unboxing videos already! Heck yeah!!

(9) We stayed up for the #ForceFriday unveiling. It was tiring and draining but really fun. Also, it sealed my desire to seriously get a Saberforge as a Christmas gift to myself. =P
(10) My second Brush Lettering workshop happened last weekend! This time with an intro to digitizing. :) It was a fun class and I really, really hope that they enjoyed and learned a lot. I hope that I can do more workshops in the future!
(11) On the same day of my workshop, I get to shoot Against The Current's concert and went with a new good friend (and awesome Tony Stark cosplayer), Kevin. Ended the weekend on a great note. I can't be more thankful.
and (12) I want you guys to meet Arthur, the Whatever Shark. :D I love sharks (sharkmaine!) so I was really happy to take him home with me.

So there, thanks to everyone who made my past three weeks wonderful. It was crazy, tiring, lack of sleep, terrible traffic in Manila, the stress, and did I mention crazy? Still, I'm grateful to have made it mid-September with high hopes... but still a lot of work to finish. Whew.

Smell you guys later! Leave some love! x

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