Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Life Lately Chapter 5

So I've decided to change my CURRENTLY series to LIFE LATELY, so that I can share more stuff with you guys by doing a recap of my previous week and also what's currently going on with me. Hope that's alright! :)

Met up with friends from Thomson Reuters and had dinner with them. It's nice to catch up with people you practically consider as family. We dined at Corazon in EDSA Shang and we got so amused by their servers' names. :P And their suman in tsokolate is really good. :3

PS. Take care on your trip, Enny Wenny!

Tuesday was just okay. I attended an event launch for YouPoundIt and hello, hello -- Sir RA, Ramon Bautista, Jun Sabayton, and Lourd De Veyra was there! :D Also, Tuesdays are quiz nights! If you're in the Ortigas area, do join us in Mario's Kitchen for a night of brain exercise! It starts at 8:30-ish, usually 9. No reg fee, just order from the menu and there's no limit to team members so gather your friends! Did I mention Mario's has awesome churros? ;)

Wednesday - Thursday
Pretty uneventful. Just spend it mauling over work stuff. Went to Sucat in the morning to take care of my other 'job' and then back to Ortigas in the afternoon. The things we do for work! ~__~

Last Friday we had a house warming + birthday party for my mama and aunt. I immediately rushed from work so I can join the fun won't miss the food. Haha! LECHON!!

Also, we had a mock presentation at work and I got a lovely compliment from the bosses that my speaking mentor (from highschool) would be so proud of. :D I'm not fond of presentations as I get anxious like there's no tomorrow but when I get serious, I make sure I apply all that I learned from my public speaking days. It actually boosted a bit of my confidence. So, thank you bosses! ^_^

My hair color journey went into full circle last Saturday as we bleached and toned my hair and actually achieved a shade of silver/gray that I've been wanting for so long. It was supposed to be blue but we have gray a try and I am happy we did. I'll re-dye it again with silver dye instead. :D Also had a late night shrimp-loaded dinner with Grace! She went blue-green this time!

RAK OF AEGIS day!! For the third time! I know. I'm such a fan. :") I was supposed to go with le familia for a date but due to inevitable circumstances, it became a date with my mama. I'm not complaining but I wished the sibs could go see it too because I want to expose them to the PH theater scene and also to how amazing our local shows are. Maybe next time!

I took a leave from work because it's attorney day. Long story but we had to visit our family attorney to talk about something important. It was quite draining really but I'm relieved as to how things are threading. My fingers are crossed for things to get better.

At a coffee shop. Working while passing time and waiting for my friends for quiz night!
And watching Gaki no Tsukai! Hahahaha!! I've been watching episodes the whole week and it's a good picker-upper.

Surprisingly, I am productive when I'm not working at home. Particularly at this place too (Tully's Coffee in Ortigas), probably because it's not crowded and the ambiance is cozy.

Also, we're gonna shoot an unboxing tonight!:D

And that's it! Ang daldal ko haha!

How's your week going so far guys?

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