Monday, July 13, 2015

Currently Chapter 3

Here we go to Week 3 -- so far, so good. My hands are quite full tonight so I might keep this short (or not). 


Haven't done any reading this week as I was swamped with work. -_- Hopefully I can catch up this week and start on my Hand Lettering book.

The report I am due to present tomorrow. *cramming intensifies*

My sister playing Papers, Please beside me. The whirring of a nearby electric fan. The tap-tap-tap sounds I make while typing this. 

The scent of rain. All we had this week was rain.

My pjs. I'm ready to go to sleep, but work ain't done woman! Hustle!

Just getting things done so I can start this week well and in order. 
This week had been stressful. A family drama that we've already buried in the past came back to life.

Sleepy but absolutely determined. :)
Also, a little inspired to work harder because my hard work is appreciated. 

Weekends spent with dear friends and my siblings. Ever since I've embraced the single life again, I decided not to spend it on being sad but be awesome with the people around me (friends, family) and doing the things I love. That's the way to recover from a heartache, ladies and gents.

SPICY BEEF NOODLES *^* Craving for food at midnight is not good.

More hours in a day. 

That things will eventually fall in their right places. And I wish to travel the soonest please, Universe. 

And I still hope my body learns to cooperate and learns to wake up early. A week passed and still no improvement. Damnit body clock.

How was your past week, guys? 

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