Sunday, July 5, 2015

Currently Chapter 2

Week 2! I am actually getting the hang of this :) How's everyone doing? I hope all is well on your end despite the rainy weather we've been having.


The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy by Sam Maggs | So far, it's okay. Some points irked me a bit, a little stereotyped but I'll give my last words when I finish it. 

Emails. Emails. Emails. When will I ever run out of emails? Haha!

The NoSleep Podcast. Tied with Welcome To Night Vale as my most favorite horror podcast. It's my automatic playlist when I'm working and I may have already listened to all the episodes more than 5x. Give it a listen! :)

Nothing. Currently battling a cold so my olfactory functions are not on their A-game.

A sleepy, too-comfortable-this-bed face. 

About all the tasks that I need to get my hands to. This afternoon's assignment photoshoot and praying so hard that the rain would stop so we can do it outdoors. The past week was nothing short of great, I had my down days (but definitely less of what I had to go through last week), and I've been finding more reasons to carry on with a lighter heart and a grateful spirit. So that's great.

Calm and collected with a dash of overwhelming jitters.

The cool weather. The circumstances and opportunities coming my way. And my new phone, an iPhone 5c that I called JARVIS. :D 

Also the fact that I am making art again and actually taking my time to seriously study about the letterforms. (WHOA.) I know I can get lazy sometimes but you know, that's not the way to learn things and I figured that I really love doing this so might as well get serious with it. 

Some hot noodles. And more hours in a day.

A long comforting hug.

That I will learn to manage my time and tasks better this incoming week because lots of things coming up! I'm actually really excited. 

And also, I hope my body learns to cooperate and learns to wake up early. 

How was your week, guys? 

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