Sunday, June 28, 2015

Currently Chapter 1

Hi y'all, if you've stayed long enough with me through my blogging journey, you've already known by now that I am bad at updating and also that I'm a workaholic hence why I can't find the time to write here.

However, I am making amends because this was where it all started and this was one of my comfort zones and I'm glad and thankful to have you guys here. :) *big hugs!*

So I'm starting (and planning to commit, fyi) on this series of life update posts which I am planning to write every weekend. This is inspired by my friend Krissy's Currently posts. The goal is to just keep writing and chronicle how the rest of this year goes. :)


Eeep~ all my shame because I'm reading fanfictions again (what am I?! 13?!) but yeah, current guilty pleasure.

Emails. Lots of it.

This playlist. :)

The aroma of freshly-baked bread!

My heart on my sleeve.

About a lot of things. Being broken and focusing on staying intact. Being back to zero. Plans. The future. I'm an overthinker, am I?

Hopeful. Mostly because I don't want to drag myself down further.

Both the melancholic and fresh taste of independence.

To get out of here. And oh, I've been dying to go to the beach.

Clarity and strength to keep my head over my heart.

To feel the sand on my toes and the waters taking me in. And also, for it to rain Funko Pops. Haha!

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