Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Let the Sunshine In!

Because I've been too busy lately, I can only manage to chronicle my daily life thru instagram, hence the inspiration on doing this post. Square photos!

Last month, I was able to visit this very lovely restaurant tucked in the Fort Strip. I was pretty excited because the name has the word "sunshine" on it (I think I have this affinity towards sunshine-y, cheery stuff). :D

Sunshine Kitchen's menu serves a variety. They have pizza, sandwiches, salad and more so it's kinda hard to pinpoint what specific cuisine do they really serve. But I'm taking a shot in the dark and say that they serve Italian and Spanish dishes (but don't take my word for it, I'm no food expert).

Interior-wise, I really loved their yellow chairs (being my favorite color) and wooden tables. It has a very rustic feel to it but very inviting. The large window panels that lets the sunshine flood inside are a plus. Sunny disposition! ♥

So let's move to the fooooood~

We started with the Insalata Italiana and the Marinated Whiting. The salad was so darn fresh and very pretty, yes? It is already a visual treat but light to the stomach (Ack, light to the stomach is not my thing tho, send the carbohydraaaates!!!)

The Marinated Whiting on the other hand is divine. I love my seafood and I love kinilaw. And this is a very posh version of kinilaw. Fresh fish fillet drowned in olive oil and vinegar. Ahhh~ it was so good. I liked how the olive oil didn't overpower the fish and the kick of vinegar was there. I still prefer my home-made kinilaw any day but this doesn't hurt either.

Bring in the carbooooo~!!!

Then we get to business, Rabo del Toro was served. Sounds fancy, mate? Rabo del Toro is oxtail stew in Spanish. This also became my instant favorite. Melt-in-your-mouth meat is bliss. I wish they would add a little spicy kick to it though and more tomatoes, then it'd be perfect.

We also had their Porkychoo Sandwich, which is a new addition to their menu. Pork and a lot of cheese. How can it go wrong?

And to cap off our very happy lunch, a round of Marino Pizza and then the Mangoes Foster.

The Marino pizza was a treat for me as well -- marinara sauce, shrimps, fish, squids and 3 cheese!! It was served with a bulb of roasted garlic, which I passed on since I'm not so fond of garlic. (-__-) But they said it was good!

And the star of our meal was the dessert. Mangoes Foster. It sounds good already. And heck, it tastes even better. The vanilla ice cream, mangoes and the caramelized suger (I suppose) was a sweet melody to my tastebuds. It was definitely a happy ending.

I would surely go back to Sunshine Kitchen if I mind to splurge a little. I would like to try their Paella!

Let me know if you tried their paella! Was it good? What other dishes from Sunshine Kitchen can you recommend? :)

Sunshine Kitchen

2nd floor Fort Pointe Bldg. 1, The Fort Strip, BGC
Contact Number: +63928 8212625
email: sunshinekitchen.resto@yahoo.com
Like them on facebook!

Operating Hours:
Mon to Wed; Sunday: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Thurs to Sat: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 2:00 am


  1. everything looks so good!! the pictures are making me hungry already :-)
    @dlhwz (Gain exposure to your blog 3!)

  2. Yum!!! That Porkychoo Sandwich looks and sounds delish. The menu and places looks like it fits it's name perfectly.

    ~j3ss1ca (Swap-Bot - Gain exposure to your blog 3!)


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