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Seattle's Best Celebrates the Hippie Holidays!

Seattle's Hippie Beetle!

Peace, Love and Merry Christmas! - Hippie Please

I was lucky enough to get invited to Seattle's Best Coffee's launch of their Christmas drinks and their Dream Planner last October 18. 

Christmas drinks in October? Sounds weird and too early, but what the heck! :))

The big red and yellow canopy tent marks the hippie place to be! Vibrant mats on the ground and folding chairs, flowing coffee and finger foods! It totally felt like a hippie festival!

Got there a little late (am sorry!) hence I missed all the hippie goodies and the silkscreened shirts that they were giving away. What a bummer. I'll make sure I'll be early next time!

I arrived to this very lovely graffiti art! How I wish I can do the same.

There were bubble blowers and a lot of fun stuff and activities at the event's site! 

(left) Seattle's Best Coffee's 2013 Dream Journal in its lovely colors! (right) A very hippie beetle at the event! One of my dream cars ever since (aside from 2F2F cars that I want to own, haha)!

ONE of the best things about Seattle’s Best Coffee’s holidays is the thrill of getting the SBC Dream Journal, a feature-laden organizer for the next year.

Creatively conceptualized, it is packed with features to gratify the meticulous planner. In five attractive colors to suit everyone’s tastes - red, blue, yellow, purple and brown - the SBC Dream Journal is for the creative and logical thinkers alike. And because we take our journals to heart, SBC adds that personal touch to the SBC Dream Journal by providing a free engraving service for the guests to customize their journals and make it truly theirs. This is what sets it apart from any other journal.

With monthly calendars and generous writing pages, every journal comes with interactive monthly pages and visuals. It comes with free seven drinks, two pastries, a panini, and 24 hours free wifi. As with last year, part of the proceeds will be donated to World Vision to benefit its children’s educational program.

Seattle’s Best guests need only collect 18 stickers on their SBC Dream Card during the promotional period to get this beautiful planner for free.  One sticker will be given for every SBC drink bought (excluding bottled drinks). Guests need to purchase 10 regular SBC drinks and eight (8) holiday drinks to qualify for the journal. The SBC Dream Card will be available from October 23, 2012 to January 15, 2013 at all Seattle’s Best branches. 

So there, start collecting your stickers to get your own Dream Planner!! And you won't only get a new, pretty journal but you will also be able to contribute to World Vision and their advocacy. That's a good way to start your 2013!

PS. I have a red dream journal, anyone wanna trade for the yellow? ;)

Moving on!

The program started and was hosted by the only, Marc Nelson. (Paging KC of, twitter incident! Haha!!)

Also that night, SBC introduced their line of Christmas drinks!

Their holiday drinks include: Cookies and Mint, Coffee Hazelnut, Caramel Apple and Espresso Jelly.

The hands-down comfort drink of the season, Cookies and Mint, returns to delight holiday revelers once more. A minty, sweet and refreshing treat for this season of glad tidings, Cookies and Mint is a deeply satisfying mix of dark chocolate, mint, and espresso. Topped with Oreo cookies, this smooth espresso is the best conclusion to one’s day at work or at play.

Another favorite from last year, Coffee Hazelnut is a special coffee blend with a kick, bringing a symphony of flavors in a cup of java. The woodsy flavor of hazelnut, laced with white chocolate sauce and coconut, gives espresso a richer, nutty taste, perfect for stimulating the senses.

Caramel Apple is Seattle’s Best’s new, fruity offering for the season, the caffeine equivalent of one of the season’s traditional delights. Espresso is combined with apple syrup and white chocolate sauce, then garnished with caramel sauce, cinnamon powder and whipped cream.  It’s a seasonal indulgence worth savoring repeatedly throughout the holidays.

Seattle’s Best also has created a special blend this season for adventurous types. Espresso Jelly is the bold and strong coffee concoction to liven the holidays. A perky combination of coffee jelly and espresso, topped with whipped cream and coffee jelly. A must-try for a season of heightened expectations and promises!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to try one because I get palpitations from coffee. :( But I'm really looking forward to try Caramel Apple, maybe next time!

Sam Concepcion was also there at the event. I believe he's an ambassador for World Vision. :)

The kids from World Vision were also there at the event to join the fun.

A toast to SBC and World Vision!

Another graffiti wall art! This reminds me so much of Lady Gaga!

Thank you SBC for inviting me to be part of this event! I had a great time! :) And I'm really looking forward to try this season's Caramel Apple drink! ;) 

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