Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Color Green and Coincidences

Let me just do a quick photo recap on what happened yesterday. :)

Met Niccolo Cosme and became part of his latest Project Headshot. Awesome, right?

Do support The Red Whistle Advocacy! It aims to prevent the alarming rise in HIV and AIDS cases. The Red Whistle is aspiring for Zero New Infections, Zero Discrimination and Zero AIDS Related Deaths.

Met my WIM family and these pretty ladies!

Photo credit to: JoTan23

Say Hello to my WIM family! Awesome bunch of people! :D

And my favorite fashion fun blogger and a good friend too, Krissy was also around the area for an event, meet-up time! :D Sooo pretty!

That would be all for now (for now, I promise). I still have duties to attend to. :)


  1. MIMAIIII!!!! Ang galing talaga haha buti traffic on our way to Fort so I was able to browse Twitter :D Grabbing the photo din for my blog ha? :)

    I met Niccolo before, he did our Nestle Crunch shoot. Super funny and super cute!

    Hope to see you again soon, yun mas matagal!

    1. Krissyyyy!! I know right? What a very fun coincidence! :)

      And true, Niccolo is really nice! Can't wait for the headshot photos tho! Haha!

      Oo, dapat next time mas matagal naman!


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