Sunday, November 6, 2011

Project Red Orange

I've always dreamt of having my entire hair colored since early college years but I have to wait until I graduate and have full freedom over my decisions (plus hair color is a no-no in college).

It was two years ago when I finally decided to give it a go. What took me so long? Because I feared that it would ruin my hair and second is that hair color might be an issue at work.

So I played safe and went with Mystic Violet (lol, I call that safe? Haha!)
It was okay because I didn't do a bleaching session, just mixed a little of oxidizer with the dye and into my hair.

I loved the way it turned out. Still looks black with a little hint of red-violet but when exposed to the sun it screams "RED-VIOLET!!" =)) Since then I've been coloring my hair with that shade.

Looks brown but believe me it's an eye-catching shade of red-violet.

It turns into a shade of brown when it fades. I'm thankful it fades out nicely into a pleasing color everytime.

And then an impulsive moment of my life came into play. 
"I want to color my hair something outrageous", I said to myself.
I always wanted white as inspired by Nina Sandejas but no, too risky plus too much bleaching to do.
I could go something in the line of blue, red or green. But, no.

And then I saw this color from the Special Effects Hair Dye selection. Hot Lava sounds interesting. It's a mix of red and orange. Red for safe, Orange for outrageous. Sounds perfect to me. Hence, the Project Red Orange started.

Honestly, I was scared for my hair and all the bleaching I might have to do with it. But hey, you have to take major leaps in your life sometimes, right?

When all was secured. Hair dye. Check. Permission from workplace that it's okay to have colored hair at work. Check.
The exact day I got my hair dye, I gave it a go. I tested it first without having my hair bleached but it didn't work. So bleaching it then!

After an hour of waiting in uncertainty of how it might turn out...

TADAAAAA!!! Red-orange haired me! It wasn't perfectly covered in equal shades but I loved the gradient and I just simply loved it. It reminded me a lot of Clementine Kruczynski from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. :)

A week and a half had passed and the color is sort of fading with every shampoo since it is just a semi-permanent dye. But still a proud red-orange head I am. ♥

This makes me less afraid of taking risks and just love myself more (even if I'm outrageous like that).

What outrageous things have you done lately? 


  1. I could tell you about the time I colored my hair pink, but that was ages ago. I'll try to dig up pictures.

    By the way, mind if I ask where did you buy the Special Effects hair color? I'd like to grab a color in case I go hair-nutzors in the future. :)

  2. Hi Jonette! I bought my special effects from this site > :D

    Wow. Pink! Lemme see pictures of your pink hair!

  3. Hello sharkmaine!
    Searching about red hair and google brought me here!
    May I ask what did you used to bleached your hair?
    And hows your hair now?

    1. Hi! I used a local brand bleaching powder and Special Effects hair dye to get the red-orange color. My hair's alright, I actually bleached it again to get a yellow caramel-ish color It's good so far, except for the dry tips. :)

  4. Yellow hair looks good on you.
    May I know what local brand bleached did you use?

    1. Thank you! :) I used HBC's bleaching powder and oxidizer. :)


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