Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me.

Quite the long wait. I always get the pre-birthday anxiety. When April arrived, the senses perked up and the planning began. THE day landed on an Easter Sunday -- it's a good sign!

Holy Week came. Thursday, Friday, Saturday... I was not in my best mood. Stressors entered my system and it ruined the whole excitement welling up in me. Hours before the clock strikes midnight, I was still in feeling down in the dumps. So I asked D a favor, for him to read his birthday letter for me. It might make me feel a little better.

12 mn. A few seconds after, he texted me his greeting. Then the letter reading came next.

These were the words that made me cry. I don't know why exactly but it hit the right spot. And why the Ducati? I've been wanting to actually try motocross racing or just drive the motorbike on an insane speed on a freeway (sounds and really is dangerous but I really want to try it). First hour of my birthday was just plain perfect. I can't be more thankful.

Morning came and I attended the mass early. It was Easter after all, egg hunt around the chapel (spotted one but left it for kids to enjoy) and free ice cream. The familia started cooking early and they gave me the simplest yet thoughtful gifts. Flowers and boxes of Cloud 9 chocolates! Aren't they awesome?
A quarter of my birthday was spent in bed... well, sleeping. I slept the noon away and got surprised that half of the day had passed already.

My awaited visitors arrived later that afternoon. They bought gifts! :) 
Someone gifted a cake! The cake was nom. It was evident that we enjoyed it. 
Thank you SuperFriends! My birthday this year was simple yet 10x more awesome. Thank you Lea for the rainmaker from Palawan and the surprise pack of Yakult! Emz for the ice cream! April, for the very fitting "geeky" lanyard. :) Vincent & Jef for the yellow flowers. I ❤ you guys! For the rest who came, Kuya JC, Keipi, Janny (it was a surprise that you stayed with us until late hours), Pabz, Nathalie, Sherbert, Camilo, Mackie and Michael. Thank you! I shall upload our candle blowing video after I finish editing it.

I am extra grateful for this new chapter and adventure. I can't wait to share more of me, photos, travel stories and more awesomeness as I stepped into my 23rd year of existence (yes, I am 23 already). :P Cheers!
Life's great. And I am wonderfully blessed. Thank you Lord! 


  1. Sweeeet! Birthday celebrations (and mushy texts hehe) are the best <333

    And wow, ganyan din yun cake ko from my friends! =D

  2. I will agree to that!! :)

    And oo nga!!! Such a delisch caaake!!

  3. Belated happy birthday!! :)


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