Monday, May 2, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

And so they say, it is crazy.
Had my first solo travel a day after my birthday.
Bus ride for loooong 7 hours heading to where you are so that we can have our post-birthday + 2nd 24th celebration.
Going on a trip alone was quite nerve-wrecking yet seemed to be an exciting adventure (I might actually travel alone again in the future). I am not a fan of buses but, the heck.
The epic night where we arrived to late to buy the cake I wanted. So we ended up into buying cupcakes instead. The search for the birthday candle. Buying the lighter. 7-11 trips. Sinigang and pork chop for dinner.
Candle-blowing ceremony. Plus I get to have 2 wishes. :) One for myself and one for the world.

Thank you. :) Looking forward to celebrating more birthdays with you. Next stop, August!


  1. Sweet sweet sweet, I swear kinikilig ako yiheeeee :)

  2. You are really my favorite couple in the world!!! (SF couples of course) I am so happy (as in smile ear to ear) for both of you. With this, I am inspired!!! Hay... <3 - *lei

  3. @Krissy heehee~ <3333

    @aka Procne thaaaanks! ^__^


  5. giiirnmiiirnLOLMay 8, 2011 at 6:23 PM

    Geek-out night. WANT! :))


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