Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Bliss.

April didn't welcome me nicely. The first few days were stressful but the coin was flipped today. :)
It might not be so evident (so I am telling it to the world) that I am very happy today. The sort of I'm-close-to-spitting-out-a-rainbow kind of happiness. Haha!
The package came in today and it's my very much awaited parcel for this month! I spazzed and danced around upon first sight of the moss-y green coloured package in my table (yes, I am dorky like that).
It's my birthday gift for myself (well, sort of) that I bought from my payment from an online assignment/job (I can't wait to take more assignments, hehe, that means more paypal credits in the future).

This is what I should be expecting (after opening the box and assembling the parts):


I don't know if I should open the box already or wait for the 24th (I doubt)! But D advised that we open it tomorrow so he can see my dorky face when I go all gay over it. And our Anawangin trip is in less than 30 hours! I'm very excited for it! But i'll be electricity- & signal-free the whole weekend. I'll be disconnected from the world but one with nature and with beloved people in my life.

Plus, I already have my schedule for my final interview. It's exciting and scary at the same time but I am mustering up all my confidence for this interview because I really want that job! Wish me luck!


  1. I love that kind of happiness! =D

    Oh wow, it's beach weekend for me, too! My friends and I will go to Puerto Galera naman!

    And good luck on your interview, Mimai!!! =D

  2. Natutuwa ako sa birthday surprise na nangyari sayo Krissy! Sobrang fun! :) Sarap talaga if you have the best kind of friends in the world!

    YAY for us heading to the beach!

    Thank you thank you! =D

    P.S. Are you free around the 28th?

  3. wow! Congratulations with the camera! since you and your posse will be off to Anawangin, I hope you enjoy taking a lot of pictures there. :)

    Break a leg on your interview! I'll be crossing my fingers for you to land the job. :)


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