Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bangkok Misadventures Day 1.5

2nd Day in Bangkok started with another trip to Chatuchak Market, more shopping and my favorite part of all -- FOODTRIP!! I am missing the Hainanese Chicken already. I need my fix very soon.

Sorting out the photos from Bangkok makes me wanna crawl under my sheets and just sleep all day. Zzzzz..
Add to that the fact that my dysmenorrhea is killing me. But i'm doing good with this all-in-one photo gig for my posts, but it takes me forever. Still, all is good. All is good. :)


  1. Argh! Dysme! Please get well soon! (But you probably are right now, but all the same, I hope you feel better.)

    These dishes look amazing! I'm curious about that bowl of chicken. What is it called, and what was it like? And it's eaten with chopsticks? Fascinating!

  2. Dysme is all gone now (we'll rendezvous again in a month or so) BOOOOOO.

    Lemme check later what's that bowl of chicken caled again~ it has noodles, chicken and if i'm right that white tuber is cassava (kamoteng kahoy). The soup was a mix of sweet-salty chicken broth. The chopsticks for the noodles and the spoon for the soup! It was really hard to get em chicken meat out using the chopsticks! >__<


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