Monday, February 14, 2011

1 Week Off.

10 months ago, we came upon a seat sale, and being innately impulsive we are -- booked DAVAO then for February 2011.

First stop upon arrival -- DINNER at Penong's!
People's Park was just across Penong's, too bad no dancing fountain was on when we got there.
The morning after -- AGCO at the foot of Mt. Apo in Kidapawan City.

Trekked into the depths of the area to see the waterfall. It was tiring and muddy.
"Putik na tinubuan ng sapatos", poor shoes.
One thing they have in abundance, FRUITS. Fruitarians will live happily ever after in this side of the world. For real!

POMELOS. I fell in love with Davao's sweet pomelos.
Old-school bowling lane. If only I knew, I should have bought shoes. And outfits. The place called for an fun impromptu photoshoot. Oh well.
Sunset skies in Kidapawan. 

More on my next post!


  1. Those are nice pictures. Hope you had a great time here in Mindanao.:)

  2. Nice pictures! :) What kind of camera do you use? Ang ganda talaga. It captures the scenes really well especially sa shots taken from the plane. ^_^

    I hope I can also go to Davao. It seems like a nice place. :)

  3. @Wella thanks! :) Yes, I had the best time! I can't wait to explore more of what Mindanao has to offer.

    @Karla Hi! Thanks! ^__^ I use a Nikon D90 for my photos.

    Do visit Davao~ I've seen your trips and if you're into adventure and nature, Davao is a good place to start.


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