Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tea Party

If I was to attend a Tea Party, I'd definitely wear something like this. Reminds me of the movie "Mona Lisa Smile". As absurd as it may sounds, this ensemble costs up to a golden value of 30k, the classic oxford shoes itself is 16k already. I need to be a damn wealthy multibillionaire (and we're not talking in peso here) to afford such clothes just to sport for a tea party. But it doesn't cost much to dream anyway.


  1. oxfords. i hope i'd get an ichigo oxford this christmas. ;p haaaay.

    cute cute collection. i bet you'd look adorable in it.

  2. yes, i adore the ichigo collection. I'm looking into getting one for myself. :)

    i hope you'd get one too! oxfords are really pretty.

  3. 30K!? *faints*

    Y'know, we can thrift those and walk away with..let's say...a 1k damage. In peso. Haha. The book and necklace can easily be crafted, too.

  4. @meream Indeed!! Thrifting will save the day! :D


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