Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hey, Soul Sister!

Hello wonderful friends! :)
How's everyone doing? I hope all is well and everyone's having a blast.

Mine's a concoction of silliness, tiredness from work and confusion. But all is well. 

My Saturdays are not Satur-dates anymore. Instead, I spent it working with my friends or staying at home and giving myself a break.

My work had been the focus of my life lately. A lot of things have been clouding my mind regarding the next steps I will take for my career. It's a little confusing, a lot frustrating. I'm just waiting for that enlightenment to help me choose what's best.

A view from the office window. No matter how I try to be serious in photos, I always fail. Haha.

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I am currently addicted to this song, "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train. I've been listening to it for the past 3 hours. >____<

A very good friend of mine came back from Thailand for a business trip, but of course we have to slip in a little meet-up session in between. :)

Zark's Burger!! Located in Taft, we went there to try their Jawbreaker burger (as shown above). Hello heart attack! I was able to finish the burger and some fries but there was no more room left so in the battle versus Man and Food -- food wins this time. I wasn't prepared! I ate too much for lunch already! :))

Juanes (the very good friend) and AJ (his someone special, nice to finally meet you!)
I really had a good time and I had a lot of fun with them and hee~ I can't help but just smile. :) Lalalalala~

I'm with two good-looking people!! Can life be more sweeter? :P

And oh, I changed my header again. :) How was your week?


  1. it's good to see you smiling again. i had a terrible shitty week. really depressing.. i guess you know what happened.


  2. I love that song!

    Hey Mimai, we should get together again soon! :)


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