Friday, September 24, 2010

Goodbye September.

Last night I had a haircut that will serve as a farewell to this sad September. Whenever I'm stressed, I divert it to my hair. Last time I had it colored. Now, finally had it chopped off together with all the stress.
I'm letting go of all the stress. :)

I'm back to being short-haired again. 

And Hello loves! It had been a while. A week ago I was in Baguio and I'm still processing tons of photos to share. :)
I returned to Manila with a terrible cold and I still have it up to now.
My week was full of activities and the stories will have to come in later. I need to get some sleep first! Haha.
Goodnight wonderful people. xo

And oh! New header which I adore so much because it's too yellow and it perfectly fits pickingsunshines. :) 


  1. headers are really nice :)

  2. I love your hair! Nice nice banner too, so quirky :)

    And I miss you too! We should meet again soon :)

  3. Nice new header! Welcome back!


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