Sunday, August 29, 2010

LFW's First Collection is UP!

Finally, the first collection is done and good to go! :)

Tea Party Collection

Kindly spread the word! ;)

And to Krissy and Meream, do kindly email me your addresses. :)
These babies are the ones i'm talking about that I was gonna give you both during our meet-up but the ball-chains came in too late. Haha. And do tell me which one do you like so I can send it asap! ♥
And Meream is also my inspiration to continue doing this project. Thank you.
I already started doing the craft early this year when I saw them domino crafts in Etsy but almost gave up on finding the glaze, but when I saw Meream's scrabble tiles wonders -- it was time to get back on track. :) Much much love to Meream!


  1. For real?? Wooooow thanks so much! :D

  2. Yep! :) Do email me your address mmkay? n__n

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  4. Why are you giving away your products? :p

  5. @Meream: It's my gift for you and Krissy! :)


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