Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm on a roll.

So that I won't feel very bad about not working overtime today and letting go of that OT pay (haha!), I think it would just be satisfying enough that I give you a bunch of posts to read tonight, yes?

Well, here goes..

Last Sunday, I cleared out my room and re-arranged the bed (before it was against the wall where the windows are). Everytime I feel my life is getting a little too stressed already, I change something in my usual life or I get a haircut. Since the haircut was uncalled for, I opted for the room cleaning.
I hope this non-chaotic environment lasts for a while! I like seeing my room near-empty like this. I'm already thinking what color my walls would be next but looking at my black and white-striped walls, I can't seem to let go of it. :(

I do like peeking into people's walls, rooms, desks, what's inside their bags, journals and stuffs. It IS interesting. Care to share some? 


  1. found you through krissy's blog! i love everything about your blog from the posts to the wallpaper and the header! ;P i love your bedroom walls.. i used to have horizontal stripes on my wall but now its just a boring shade of green and orange. haha!

  2. Love your blog's look! Love your bedroom walls, too. I love the clash of colors. :)

  3. they already said that they love everything about you.

    i guess i'll just say i love you.

  4. *looks at the comment above* kilig :D

  5. I covet your walls. Covet to the nth power!

    And well you've prolly seen too many photos of my little apartment. :D

  6. Hello! I'm a new follower. I got here thru Meream (bored and crafty). I love your blog! Great photos and I enjoyed reading your entries. Looking forward to more of your posts! <3

    Lee []

  7. I'm amazed upon seeing 6 comments on this post. I love you guys already! Hee~

    @Kym~ Konnichiwa!! :) domo domo! I hope you'll continue to read my posts and comment too, i love making new friends through blogging~

    @Lei OHAI Lei! Thank you! :D

    @Anonymous thanks. if i'm right on who you are, then you know what my answer is.

    @Meream haha~ that's like too much covet! lol :P I'm thinking of painting it horizontal again but in shades of yellow.

    @Krissy~ issueeeee!! Hahahaha :))

    @Lee Hello! Thanks for following me! I'm glad you're enjoying what you see here. People like you encourages me more to take more pictures and write more. <3

  8. you cant be wrong. im missing you badly. :(
    life feels like walking on a crowded street without a soul.


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