Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hello August.

Before anything else, I should apologize for not updating for the past half-month. I'm sorry guys (if someone is actually reading).

Things have been really rough and it got out of hand, I had my cardiac muscle (if you know what I mean) broken quite a few times, got really really confused and caught in the middle, rode the damn rollercoaster ride of emotions, got hospitalized for hyperventilation (emotional stress-induced), trying to understand why HE is giving me/us such tough trials and everything in between, it is really a challenge to keep up. I'm still not over with this phase I'm going through but I hope it'll end soon and it'll have a good ending.

But I'm still very grateful that in between the hard times, HE slipped in good things to keep me going. Thank you.

I painted on shoes again after quite a while...

Mickey + Minnie = ♥

Having fun in the elevator with my perky officemates. I love them!

Dinner at Hizon's Malate for our Payday Eat-Out.

Tagaytay last Saturday with some HS superfriends. :) It was all foggy and heck cold.

Fun UBE! Thanks SFs! :D

Ziplining again!!

When I got home from the hospital yesterday, I just slept and then played with this game afterwards. I finished it in 2 days. Crayzzeeh.

A number of postcards arrived (now I'm too behind on my outbox). >__<
The kitteh postie came from a 12 year old girl! It was really sweet. :)

I have mail waiting to be picked up at the post office. I wonder what it is.

Fun stamps from Taiwan. The sender said they indicate nursery rhymes. I hope we'll have cute stamps like this someday.

I hope things will get brighter and better in August. July just drowned me into depression.


  1. Hello Mai, thank you for visiting my blog :) I'm glad you left a message, will follow you now because I loved reading yours :)

    I've also recently got my heart broken and everything went downhill from that moment. Day by day, with the help of people around me (as well as a love for pretty little things), I got over it. I see him everyday at work (we're seatmates pa ugh) and though I can honestly say I am over him, i can't help but miss him and what we used to be.

    I love your handpainted shoes! Did you buy plain ones and just paint on them? I wish I know how to draw x_x

    And I adore your Minnie Mouse headband, so cute! :)

    I hope August will be wonderful for you :)

  2. whoa! what a surprise! :) hiyaaa krissy! im such a fan of yours! haha it's an honor to be followed ;)

    Thanks! yep, i just bought plain slip-ons and painted on them. :]

    Broken hearts are not fun at all.

  3. Hee thanks, that made me sound like a superstar XD

    I also saw some of your doodles, you're a real artist, lady! That's one of my frustrations, so jealous! :D

    I agree, broken hearts are not fun at all. Buuut they make way for fun activities enjoyed with friends (or alone) like traveling, shopping and eating out. I am sure one day you'll wake up and not feel the same that much. I just hope it'll be sooner for you. :)

  4. Thanks krissy! :D
    And I'd agree that your friends are the ones you turn to whenever something </3 happens.

    Mine isn't so broken yet, just going through a really pretty rough trail.

  5. If that's the case, I hope you go through the rough trail okay :)


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