Friday, July 16, 2010

Ain't so Golden.

3 Days of no Internet. 2 Days of no electricity. Whew.
Typhoon Basyang was not so nice. Good thing yesterday was payday. :)
I badly need the timeout. The universe haven't been so nice to me lately, it is actually throwing rocks at me, but I need to find good reasons to be happy (at least for a moment).

I had to work the next day after the typhoon. How I wished I was back in highschool/college where suspension of classes is everyone's bestfriend.

Lookie what I bought yesterday, I said I wouldn't buy anything because I need to save the money for other things but my self-control is poor. Boo me.

It's a mug! ^o^ It's happily placed in my desk at work.

Payday means eating out. :) Tere and I decided we should take Kath to Sentro 1771 to try their "Sinigang na Corned Beef". We were supposed to go to Serendra but ended up in Greenbelt instead. I had sizzling tofu again. <3 Hee~ and what a surprise! I was asked to answer some customer feedback stuff and I got a complimentary sizzling tofu on my next visit. YAY!

Krispy Kreme and Golden Spoon just opened in Paseo Canter. *^*
I was badly craving for Red Mango today and settled with Golden Spoon instead. Yet, I felt cheated. It tasted like ice cream. I should've just ate ice cream. :( I was looking for the sweet-tangy twist in froyo. Golden Spoon failed me. ;___;

I'm in love with the Minnie Mouse headband I bought yesterday from SM. :) I'm still wearing them as I type. Hee. :">
Posted this photo on tumblr too and Tim Serrano (sleepcarefully) liked it. :D I adore his photos. 
I'm still dreaming about the photoshoot I want to do in the future. It'll involve a lot of balloons, pretty clothes, wishing dust, nice shoes, stars, a heavily textured wall and a good make-up artist. And wait, it involve a lot of dreamy stuffs and fancy fun blahs... and maybe dancing. Who knows.

I guess I will be forever in love with my glasses. It got quite a handful of compliments already and not-so-good ones too (eg, how my eyes looks so big) oh wait, that's re: me. LOL.

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