Sunday, June 27, 2010


It's that time of the week again when you feel like not moving forward to Monday because it'll be start of the work week again. =| But a little something here and there can compensate for that and make the week at least bearable. :)

Sundays are sort-of family days. Today, we went to church as usual and then dinner.

I had some spare cash and my feet lead me to Booksale. Oh yay! Books. I love visual books and mystery fiction ones. I acquired three of 'em~ I really like the book "The Villain's Guide to Better Living", the content is very fun to read, I just skimmed through the pages and loving everything so far. :) If I had more moolahs, I'd probably indulge more into graphic books. Yes, those pretty graphic books that gives me the temptations to cut em up and put them in my walls. 

Grocery time too. I went to the pharmacy and bought something that'll aid my poor GI system. Randomly bought the Vicks and Astring-O-sol pastilled. I know I'm random like that.

Bought a stash of candies to keep me awake at work. Lots of mints.

Saw this little guy and got attracted to it, it's a little notepad. How I wish it was a post-it. Also bought some lego-inspired headphones that I could use at work, but there's a problem, I think the wire's too short. >__< Fail.

See how the photos accidentally matched up? Cool huh? I didn't do it intentionally, I was surprised as well. Thanks to bi-eep for the balloons he gave yesterday. And my favorite moustache cut-out. I'm planning to do a small project on mail. Swapping paper moustaches and taking pictures of it with yourself and anyone else. :)

One thing I really hate about Sundays is that I have to ponder on what to wear to work the next day. I have very limited office clothes so I always dream of having such pretty tops and dresses to wear, making me stumble back to Polyvore and Modcloth. Oh how I envy them clothes. :(

And I'm back again to my years-ago addiction. Online store browsing. :( Ugh. Too much things I want to buy but: 1) I can't afford em. 2) I probably don't even need them. 3) they're expensive. And did I say I can't afford them? -___-;; gaaah. Frustrating world. T___T I guess I'll have to work on things one at a time, yes? One at a time.

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