Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moustache Magic.

I joined an email swap on Swapbot and it's all about MOUSTACHES!! Aren't they awesome? It got me thinking, what if I'd host a swap for paper moustaches to be sent out on mail and when it arrives, put in on yourself or to anyone, anything, EVERYTHING and take picture! That sound fun. :D

Here are my snaps~ enjoy! And don't forget to rate! ;)

The Angry-stache.

The Panda-stache.

The Sebastian-stache.

Keroro-stache. ^__^

A comic version of me in a 'stache.

Lady Gaga-stache.

The Buddha-stache. Hope this brings me good karma! :D

My little sister-stache.

My Nephew-stache.

The ME-stache! xo

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  1. Aliw tong post mo! :) Vote goes to Lady Gaga and you. :))


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