Friday, June 11, 2010

Roller coaster.

Let me begin with this photo that I like so much. ♥ We called our group Blur, these guys were my groupmates during my basic photography class at FPPF. I love these people! So galing!

WARNING: This will be a PHOTO HEAVY post. You've been warned. :P

I have too many things to share but since I've already kick-offed with that photo then I better move on about my basic photography class that I took last month and just graduated last Sunday. :)

Here's our class photo. 44 students in our batch. And the one with an arrow pointed on her is yours truly.
Go Batch 14!!

Talking on getting the correct exposure with Sir Araneta (who made me the model for our portraiture session -__-;; ack. I was traumatized. Why meeee?!?) Haha.

I'd like to share the assignments I made. :)

For our composition assignment. This photo took a praise from Sir Ador, so I am pretty happy about it. Plus it was in our winning group presentation. *wink wink nudge nudge*

This was one of the shots I had for our first assignment. A high-key photo that means a white subject on a white background. I was really satisfied with my shots but when I had it printed, it was a major fail and took a lot of criticisms (it became too white that the eggs were almost gone! >__< ).

Here was our group presentation on our homework on composition. This was the winning set! XD

My ever-talented groupmates.

A photo of us with our mugs (that's the prize for winning :P) and Mrs. Angeles. Nasabaw ako kay Ma'am Cecilia but I was elated when she said I was an artist when see saw my doodle on my feedback sheet. ^__^

The mug that we won. I am still on the deciding whether to use it or have it as a keepsake.

And I also won on our competition for the still-life category. :) 10th place! What's so funny about this photo is the realization that I am indeed lacking in height. LOL.

Here's my winning photo :D

And I would just have to post this photo -- it's me and the bi-eep's lola. We visited her last weekend because I had her as my subject for my portrait assignment. We had our own fun photo session, trying to do the kawaii-pisu sign. XD I love nanay, as we call her, because through her I somehow knew how it felt to actually have a lola who cares for you (I never felt that in my own lola -__-;; shame).

Oh well, let's move on to this week. :)

But seriously, these things, are really good. You have to try one.

I've been doodling a lot in the office whenever my hands are free. A co-worker told me that those who are into drawing box-y objects are those who almost always keep their emotions to themselves but logical about it. Uhm...psyched me much?

Tomorrow we will be attending a debut of a friend and I mustered up a little something for her. *grins*
I did a quick wrap of it using a spare shoebox, a brown envelope and some ribbons lying around my room.

I really liked how it turned out and I really, really hope she'll like the present. :D

I had my bangs trimmed today but it got too short, I guess. Now it more looks like I'm sporting a korean look. LOLZ.

Very well, I guess I need to take some goodnight's sleep so I can be less zombie for tomorrow's party. Goodnight loves!


  1. OMG i LOVE cream puffs , like LOVE them loll
    thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  2. @ Manju

    Thanks! :D Aren't cream puffs the greatest? XD

  3. Hey Mai, I love a photo heavy post, I think they are the best and that's what I do all the time. But then artsy people are usually visual anyway...
    Thanks for following on my blog. On my way to check out your other blogs. This one is cool.


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