Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Apologies for not being able to post in the past days. Was quite down in the dumps when the week started, I was not really in the mood to write but thank goodness for Tuesday. :] Last night we went to the Brewrats' new booth in Silvercity and it was really nice to see friends again that you haven't seen in a while! We had a lot of fun~! I will post pictures as soon as the boyfriend uploads them, we had too much fun pictures! Haha. Til' then!

P.S. Our photobooth business will soon materialize. :] Printer will be secured soon and we're (tentatively) calling it Snaps.

Here's a sample run :P the original printouts won't have the warm-vintagey effect though. But the film layout is definitely in. :]

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  1. Wow! these look great! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for your business' success.

    also... *hug* it's nice to see you've had quite a lot of enriching experiences, what with your workshop and more. Keep it up! :D


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