Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hey Saturday!

I'll keep this post for Saturday short, since it's Sunday past 12 am already. :) Got home late from a spontaneous Highschool barkada get together.

My Saturday was a mix of frustration + adrenaline + annoyance + happy + stoic day. Early part of the day was spent in frustration and annoyance due to some misunderstanding bought up over a picture and stuffs. Whatever, really. Let's skip all that shall we? Because I don't care anymore.

ETA: The rest of the day made up for the not so nice jumpstart..oh well, here goes. :)

They said something was sent for me from the relatives overseas, I was excited and actually expecting it to be chocolates. :)) But from the looks of it...

*BOOM!* Make-Up. I was like this for a minute or so --> =|
And let go of a WTF moment. Haha. I don't use make-up or even know how to use it properly.
NOW WHAT/HOW/WHEN/WHERE/WHY IS MAKE-UP GIVEN TO ME?!?! WHYYYYY?! *curls into fetal position and cradles self*

But I will exclude this pretty pretty red lipstick because it's really nice. It reminds me of a lot of things/ inspirations. :) So I am keeping it even though I know there won't be too much use for it.

Trying it on. Hee~

Doing the :3 face wherein I always fail whenever getting a picture of it comes into action.
OT: I am being lured in by those fingers in this photo. O__O >__<

Dinner with the family at Mann Hann. :] Fish Taosi was good and the Lomi too. *nomnomnom*
We did the '9 shots' timer mode and I ended up laughing myself throughout the series of shots. :))

And the highlight of my day... KARTING!!!
As you can see, I've been into adrenaline-pumping sports lately (jetskiing, ziplining and now karting). :P I just really have to try it -- good thing the mother was generous enough to treat us out for a ride. YAY! <3

It was fun but I wish that we tried it in the late afternoon, because it was dark already when it was our turn so it was hard to see through the helmet and making extra caution when taking turns. The only plus was the absence of the blazing sun! but still.. D: Overall, it was a lot of fun! I particularly liked the sort-of drifting you can do when accelerating on high speed and turning instantaneously -- yes, dangerous but wicked awesome!! :)) I definitely would like to try it on daylight, with a higher speed, on a larger circuit (with more turns and please!) and less caution involved (because I had to look out for the siblings the whole time we're karting. LOL.

Perhaps I should get myself and my head checked for all these danger-driven things I've been indulging into lately. :))

After the time well spent with the family, I headed out to meet with my Highschool friends who are part of my very extended family. :] The meet-up was last minute but it had been a while since the last time I went out with them. I missed them badly! And since I had a rough morning I needed to destress myself and these people are surefire to get all the stress away. Diba superfriends?

Hang out at McDo Villamor and just talked and talked and talked. Well I did more of the laughing than talked. :)) Then joyride on Mackie's car. For the first time, I had this barkada feeling that I just used to watch on tv when friends go out together and go on a joyride. Silly me. Went home past midnight hence taking us back to what I have written at the very top. :]

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