Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Things that I'm Thankful for today ...

*tissue paper -- never underestimate it. when there's no paper available, tissue paper is still.. well, a tissue paper.
*creativity -- hence the birth of this blog. :)
*cloud formations (particularly on a clear night sky) -- i saw a whale, a large one too!
*coffee -- does this really need an explanation?
*cheap hamburgers -- i admit that i love them. who cares if they're not the best quality burgers? they make me happy.

...and I forgot to put Poladroid and friends who randomly answers to your YM status and oh, posts like THIS.

In the same vein, postponed dates, distractions while listening or 
even failure to listen can be very hurtful.

My YM status says: "WALA DITO."
Friend buzzes and asks, "Asan ka?"
I replied, "Nasa space." It made me smile.

Sorry for the redundant faces of the bi-eep and 5 out of 5, me. *facepalms*

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