Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Summer,

(1) A doodle I did at work. Hello Mr. Roboto. :)

(2) Pencil I used during my board exams and broke it after, haha.

(3) Boy Scout sash (?) with badges on them that a friend gave me during our HS graduation. Who wouldn't feel grand from that? And there are about 15-20 badges in that sash. :"> If someone give you something that valuable, how would you actually feel?

(4) Postcards I made today and will be sending out tomorrow. I am loving maps and yellow pages as postcard backing paper.

(5) Senior college notes. Just imagine how bored I am. Lol at Heliums, Dilutions and Oh look! Orlando Bloom! :))

(6) A reviewer for out Pharmacognosy exam in senior year. And that is just a page of it, there's a couple more! And we have to memorize it all. T___T

(7) An assignment for our Sociology-Anthropology class. I have minute handwriting.

(8) & (9) We had Neoprints last Sunday. :D Itsalottafun!

(10) Book I bought from Dia del Libro. I'm enjoying it so far and near to finishing it.

(11) Oh HAI. I'm a fairy princess. LOL. My mole looks like screaming pimple but I'm distracted by my very much liked hair color.

Have a fun Tuesday!

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