Monday, March 18, 2013

Music is Making Me High, Join Me?

Who here loves music? Raise your hands!

I guess most of us did.

So, here's a little something to make up for my erratic absence --


I'll be sharing some of my favorite playlists, tracks or bands/musicians in hopes that you might like them too. These playlists keep me company at work and I guess listening to good music is a good way to beat the 'I hate Mondays' feel.

Here's a few you might wanna try listening to this week:

Good Morning! playlist by EyeDoc (his playlists are mostly my favorite on 8tracks)

I Won't Quit 'Cause I Want More by timeunwinds

Perfect Shower Mix!!! by Goodmananthony

Best of Male Vocalists by fermtza (my current favorite!)

Let me know if you liked/loved em! And do share some of your favorite playlists too. ;)

PS. I'm watching The Script's concert on the 31st (all the way up in the GenAd), who's going?

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