Friday, December 21, 2012

Inksquad: Unique Tees!

I've recently found about about a PH-based site that let's you customize your very own shirt -- it's called The Inksquad. Honestly, it reminded me so much of Threadless!
The Inksquad is a simple 3-step t-shirt customization site that allows you to design, upload and order your design on demand.  What is even more awesome is that when other people buy your print you get 5% of the royalties! 

Cool shirts in 3 easy steps! Did I mention that Inksquad offers free shipping within Metro Manila? Oh yes.

And since I still don't have a design in mind and I'm itching to get my hands on a new garb, I just browsed the Inksquad shop and got myself the perfect food trip shirt! I was eyeing on some designs but they weren't available that time, boohoo me! 

PS. A lot of fresh and new designs are out that you might want to check out! I want the Adventure Style one! Or can someone design me a Doctor Who-themed shirt? Pretty pretty please with the Tardis on top?

After my order was processed, *drumrolls please* lookie what I got in the mail!! 
Do you get excited too when you get stuff in the mail? I really get giddy. :D

My very bright and yellow food trip! shirt by miyawtala

THE T-SHIRT: Each printed t-shirt costs only Php 490.00 and that includes shipping - a price more reasonable than most t-shirt private labels on the market. The t-shirts used are made from 100% cotton and manufactured with the same quality and standards as a renowned high-end international t-shirt brand in the Philippines.

PAYING ON INKSQUAD: Inksquad allows for multiple payment methods including AsiaPay, Paypal and bank to bank transfer.

GETTING PAID ON INKSQUAD: At the end of each month, you can request to have your earnings from people who bought your designs sent over to you.

SHIPPING: It's entirely free for anyone in Metro Manila and takes 4 to 5 working days

Even gloomy likes my new shirt! :D

Thank you Inksquad! The shirt is sooo me! Can't wait to use it on my future food trips!! :D 

Get your own Inksquad tee HERE
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  1. Awesomesauce! I got a few designs in mind. Now if only I can stay in Pinas long enough to wait around for an order. Haha. Off topic: Whenever I visit your site, the song "Shark In The Water" automatically plays in my head. Yours is the one out of the water though :)

    1. I never knew there was such a song!! Now listening! :D And oh my, it's a great tune! Thanks Gay! :D I really hope to meet you and Luna when you're in the Metro!


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