Monday, April 9, 2012

I Got Caught by the Awesome April Storm!

This year's Summer is definitely one of the hottest. I am not even motivated to go out because of the heat.

What I love about Summer is that I know that it's close to my birthday and I always get excited. I believe two years ago, I started to celebrate my birthday for the whole month (extending the fun is well, always FUN!). My April is surely busy busy busy this year. Last year was simple, my birthday fell on an Easter Sunday. Had a birthdate with a fellow April Girl, Krissy. :) Went to Baguio all by myself to spend a good post-birthday with my Happy Pill. Had a crazy buffet dinner at Sofitel Spiralwith some of my good friends, where I seriously had my first dose of overeating. And the Paying it Forward Outreach we did that capped it all.

This year's plans are different and it's not even half of the month yet!

My first of April and I got to check something off my Bucket List.



YES!! SWIMMING WITH THE WHALESHARKS in Oslob!!! It was a very humbling and amazing moment. I was in awe. And it got really close to us! It was a part-scary, part-exciting moment. Them wonderful creatures God made. How I wish I knew how to swim. I basically relied to my life jacket the whole time. Nonetheless, it was nothing short of awesome. I'm so thankful for the experience.

Holy Week was spent in the comfort of our homes and work but came Black Saturday, it was


No, that is not a wig. And yes, I am crazy that I bleached my hair and it turned into this golden yellow shade. It was not the color I was rooting for but I was happy with the outcome anyway! I was going for blonde, but it will take a lot of bleaching and I am not yet that crazy to murder my hair. I was planning to get it done in a salon, but dang too expensive :( it was not worth it to shell out that much cash for my vanity, I'd rather travel.

So far, Awesome April is keeping its awesome-ness steady. And I want to make it more awesome!
Last night, D and I watched Titanic 3D. And I just got more scared of open waters. But the movie still has it's Titanic magic. Plus Leonardo (Jack) was a plus. *wink wink*

We were supposed to have our Secret Recipe Unli Cakes and Coffee vouchers redeemed early today but the cafe was closed. ;__; So we ended up having our merienda + dinner in a resto serving Singaporean dishes (Yay for Hainanese Chicken!), I'll save a separate post about it.

The weekend was spent nicely and filled with fun things (TG for holidays!), I am overly thankful and I can't wait what the rest of Awesome April will bring.


  1. Excited for our next birthdate!

    And WOW! YELLOW!!!

  2. I'm happy to see you YELLOW Little Ms Sunshine! It is YOUR color. I miss you and your adventures. I used to be part of it but now, I'm just reading it from afar. Nevertheless, I know things are so much better in our lives! We'll see each other sooooon (kahit gaano pa kamahal ang pamasahe!) labyu!

    1. Laaaaabs!!! I know this is you despite the ANON :P
      Thank you! I do miss our adventures but I'm looking forward for our coming adventures! Can't wait for your return! :) labyu!


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