Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ilocos Chronicles: Vigan Night Lights

And so they say that taking a stroll in Paris at night is romantic. Well, our very own Vigan has its own charm. I was not able to experience Calle Crisologo at daytime but nighttime in Vigan was truly captivating and romantic.


It was past 10PM but there are still few tourists strolling down Calle Crisologo. The only challenge is taking good pictures without the lights being to harsh on your subject/s.


Cafe Leona was still open when we got there, I think they close at around 11PM. I wanted to dine there but unfortunately, we were gripping tight to our budget since it was only our first day (so maybe next time).
There are also some souvenir shops still open, so I got my siblings and mother some pasalubong. Can't go back home without them. Bringing back pasalubong to the household is like a pa-goodshot technique so they will be more lenient with your sudden/spontaneous trips. Haha! It works for me!


A long stretch of cobblestone street. You will feel a little time-warped once you're in Calle Crisologo. Take a pick, be Crisostomo Ibarra or Maria Clara for the night. Imagine this night stroll with your kasintahan, it wouldn't be any sweeter.




Antique furniture adorned the street.

Well, we tried to do a good shoot, but it turned out more candid. The thing is, we always get mistaken as siblings. And I can't take posing for the camera seriously, I'm better off behind it.

vigan7 vigan8
vigan10 vigan11
vigan3 vigan13

The problem is, I'm not too girly to begin with thus explaining the photos. He calls me "maton" sometimes btw. This what happens when you grow up as one of the boys. :P But I'm fine with that.

Damage: 80php tricycle fare to Calle Crisologo and back to Casa Teofila

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  1. napaka safe lang ng feeling sa lugar na to kahit dis oras ng gabi. :)

    ayos photos!


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