Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It was supposed to be for a Saturdate but rain decided to pour and cancelled our plans.
Came Sunny Sunday.

But heck, it rained all kinds of animals. We even had to go back to Landmark and get new, dry shirts or else we'll probably end up with pneumonia. Instant bagyo.
15 years later. The view across my favorite Lugawan. It provided a little feeling of comfort, how you can go back to such a place after all those years and still feel that welcoming vibe telling you you're somehow home.
J.P. Rizal we've met again.
It's a funny coincidence how we found out that we both have childhood memories from this side of Makati. Maybe our lives are meant to cross each other's at some point. Serendipity much?

We roamed around the streets and reminisced the old days. His memories and mine.
Most of the establishments are still there. It was really nice to be back.The bakery's still there.
The good ol' bakery that almost reduced me to tears upon the sight of that mamon bearing a heap of meringue on top. I felt like a kid again. A part of me wanted to skip the hunger I'm feeling and just head to dessert so I can get my grubby hands on em and devour all the sugar goodness. 
Ha! Saying just all that made me want to be a kid again. *sigh*
The lugaw with egg that I always loved. I forgot how good it tasted but it gave more nostalgia than I imagined. The kasubha was not a staple part of the bowl anymore. I was actually excited to see that but no kasubha to fill the memories in. : (

The first spoon gave a surge of memories. Good ones. Happy ones. The innocence of my childhood years and how I just missed being a kid. 23 years and I've been through a lot than I thought I can imagine.
Tokwa't Baboy. It was good. TB and Lugaw combo never felt that good. 
By the time I got hooked with it, I was near to tearing-up.
More memories rushed in. 
I missed the days. I missed a lot of things. Probably why nostalgia sometimes is not the best idea.
Behind me is our old place back when I was around 5 or 6 years old. It's now empty and abandoned and soon to be demolished, I kinda feel sad seeing remnants of a soon-to-be-saying farewell of what once I called home. Dunno why the owners gave up the place tho.
Memories memories.
Match Made in Makati. LOL.
(PS. I hate my long hair and I also hate your haircut. Haha!)

What I had in mind for our Makati nostalgic trip was it's meant for you to have a little blast from the past but I guess I was surprised myself as well. Didn't see that huge wave of nostalgia coming. It was fun, indeed.
Happy 6th month to us dear! 

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