Wednesday, January 19, 2011



I have been always wanting to have it.
And after a long and patient wait, I can finally have one. :D
The godfather once promised that he'll help me to buy my first (budget-defined) lens and this is it! Settling for a second-hand, I don't really mind as long as it's in pristine condition (whenever the word 'pristine' comes to mind, a scene in NCIS always plays in my head wherein they were talking about butchered body parts in their 'pristine' condition) I just really have to say that. (-__-;;) LOL.

I will name him Touya! After Touya Kinimoto of CardCaptor Sakura (cookie points for those who knows who I'm referring to)~ *u*

Yue (my beloved Nikon D90) + Touya will be so perfect together. ♥ I will forever love you if you know the whole point of naming them like that. But of course I can't tell, coz' that's a dark secret of mine -- well, unless you're into it. *wink wink*

We'll be tagging him along when we go to Cebu so that means there will be a lot of photos using Touya! On the other note, I'll see you again tomorrow Cebu! I will never get tired of you!

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  1. nice, have fun with superb bokehs. :)


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