Monday, January 3, 2011

Relaks lang.

Because there is no point in hiding it anymore. I spoiled the surprise already. Tss.
I can't hold the excitement any longer. You know who you are for being a killjoy. Haha.

One for you, one for me. Since you said to get something I like.
from WittyWillSaveTheWorld
(I've been a fan since their 'I was supposed to get that..' planner. LOL haba.)
C'mon, I know you'd like to get your hands on one too. :P
Ang planner para sa mga nasawi (gaya ko) nung 2010. Ang planner na ito ay para baguhin ang 2011 mo. Bawal ang bitter-bitteran. Good vibes lang. Hindi pa katapusan ng mundo para sa mga heartbroken. Mag move on, let go na.

I took the effort to write personal messages over the planner to be gifted to the friend.
Too colorful. I'm sarreh. I hope the friend won't get rainbow visions after.

"I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday, I'm in love."
-- The Cure

This page is from my planner. Blurred to keep my secrets safe (because I write too many secrets in it).
The planner also serves as my diary. :P 

This year, more pictures!
I'm planning to cover my planner with photos, more photos, plans and good memories.
2011 will be The Year of the AWESOME. And everyone's welcome. :D

What's your planner and what are your plans this year?


  1. I ordered one, paid on Dec 16 pero di ko pa rin nakukuha, gift ko rin sana to a friend :( I admit it's my fault kasi nagkamali ako ng address na binigay (216, dapat 219). Pero noon ko pa hinihingi yun tracking number so I'll know whether someone received it or not (because the courier didn't contact me to say there is no who lives in the address I gave. Hay, sana makuha ko pa yun planner.

    Oops sorry downer comment x_x

    My planner is the black one from NBS, the one that looks like a Moleskine. On the process of decorating it din :)

  2. Aw sayang :( sana makuha mo pa sayang talaga yun.

    Oooh. I know that planner! I had one of those lastyear but gave up on it because I have sweaty palms and it's not friendly to the pages. T__T
    YAY for decorated planners! :D


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