Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello i'm back again!

Yours truly is back from the family bonding vacation last weekend in Baguio. :)
It was so much fun! Shelling out the rest of my remaining funds (explains why I am living on noodles lately) for the impromptu vacation was all worth it. This is our first destination for 2011 and it went great! Makes me feel positive about my upcoming trips *good vibes* -- two consecutive weekends in Cebu, 4 days in Davao, a weekend with SF in Iloilo and my first out of the country trip, Bangkok!! 2011 is indeed my travel year!
That's why I used my "Work harder, travel farther" typo as my cellphone wallpaper so to remind me of my travel goals.

We get to visit the Strawberry Farm (finally!) and for once I appreciated the strawberry fruit -- as I can be all crazy about the flavor but never the fruit. The strawberry field was a breathtaking view! It is indeed FOREVER (hurray for Beatles reference)! It was a vast sea of shades of green! There were also patches of leafy green vegetable beds. I'm a picky vegetable-eater but just by looking at how fresh the vegetables are in Baguio, I can already feel the crispness of it just by looking. (I know, I know. I might've got this affair with food and my senses. I'm no expert with culinary whats-its but I love food so much.) I will post more photos later! So expect a photospam. :P

I've also met new friends and enjoyed their company so much. :) So glad to finally met you guys!
I'm not unfriendly but I am really the shy type when it comes to meeting new people, add to it that I am not a conversationalist so people would probably take me as a snob, an introvert or just plain uninterested but it's the otherwise. I just talk very less at first. But trust me, I'm such a good friend!
It was a weekend wherein I could say that I really had fun and made me love my family more. They're the best people I have in my life! I looooove you crazies! 

Another good news came into my inbox yesterday...
ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal…Vack With A Vengeance!!
My love for ZsaZsa Zaturnnah began when my friend, Dee gave me a copy of this quirky graphic novel -- I was instantly hooked.
I've been wanting to watch this musical since my college days but budget-limited me, it was a tough chance to do so. So, 2011 it is! I will finally get to watch you ze muzikal!

18-20, 25-26 February/4-6, 11-13 March
Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino(CCP Little Theater)
Tickets will be at Php1000 / 800


  1. I vanna vatch ze Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah!!

    PS: I also want your Panda hat. I've been looking for one but haven't had much luck yet. Are you going back to Baguio anytime soon? Can I make pabili? :D

  2. Lez vatch et!! XD

    Aw. How I wish I could go back again to Baguio any time soon but I doubt :(
    Yet! I think them animal hats will soon invade divisoria. I can feel em. XD let's keep our fingers crossed!

  3. Holy wow! Seriously?! I gotta go watch this! :D

  4. I like the animal bonnets. Soo cute! =)


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