Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just a Quick HELLO.

First things first.

  • I'm still sick. T____T
  • Christmas is really around the corner.
  • Good news that my precious Alcide's motherboard will be back soon (finally! I can blog more again).
  • My happiness was cut a little short. :( I still hope there'll be a little turn of events and something unexpected happens. 
  • I'm already itching to get my pair of Ichigo oxfords asap. I can't go out as much as I want because of teh sickness. But once I get my perky self again, I'll go get em. :)
  • Christmas party in the household tomorrow followed by the SuperFriends' on Monday.
  • I think I already found my Christmas outfit. But I'll prolly wear it on the 24th for the Christmas Eve mass. It's an all-black affair. All that's lacking are the oxfords. 


  1. Which pair didja get?
    I'm waiting for an Ichigo pair myself. Teehee.

  2. I'm getting the black & white Deryn ones. Heehee


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