Sunday, December 26, 2010

What Matters Most.

I started collecting way past 2008. And look how far we've grown in two years.

I've acquired most of them in 2008 and declined late 2009 when I focused on my digital cameras. I feel quite sad on why I stopped my love for them (my heart was parted and given to someone else). I guess I'm going back to collecting them again because it makes me happy and fills a part of me. I guess this is what I really love.

I miss a lot of things. One of them is being truly happy. 

I'm more than willing to get back in track to being happy again in time for the new year. I've said it more than much already that I'll start on it and stop being sad. But I need to do things that I resist so much so that I can do it. I guess we just can't have it altogether at once, we have to make choices for ourselves because no matter how we try to grasp all things at once, our hands can't hold it all. We have to put down some of it and pick which one to hold first. The things that matters most.

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  1. Vintage! ang dami na pala nila ngayon.. last time i remembered that was added was yung tlr na binili natin..


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