Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ending September.

Thank God its October! Finally! :)
Here's a recap of last week's happening:

I have awesome friends. :) We met up again at U92's booth last Wednesday to visit the Brewrats. 
It was goodbye to the Brewrats again on the radio. 

Photofun is always well.. fun. Haha.

Sir Tado. I like his hair. TAMA!! :D

Hahaha. LOL @ Sir Ramon making holding hands with me.

Obligatory picture. :)

Last Thursday, nightout with the officemates!! Dinner @ Hotrocks in Libis.

Andami namin! One big family! :) Tere, Edgrr, Ms. Marty, Shirley, Yours Truly, Ghia, Mags, Ms. Judi, Annie and April. GO TEAM GALA!! Hahaha.

We visited Hotrocks for their steaks (as recommended by Annie, Edgrr and Mags). Porterhouse gone in a while. Super hungry mode. Haha. One thing I hate on dining: Dealing with the knife and the fork. I'm a lefty and not accustomed to using both. Eating the steak was a bit of struggle. But thanks to Edgrr for cutting them up for me. :)

Lighting inside the washroom of Eastwood Mall was superb. Photo op!! :))

I felt that it was necessary to post this one for posterity. :P I barely smile like that so this moment was golden. And I didn't even have to force it out of me hence looking awkward. :))

RED MANGO TIEM!!!! Always a favorite of mine -- large regular froyo topped with peaches and cap'n crunch. Heavenly!~ ^__^

♥ Fun people! Great moments! :) I love you guys!

Additional bunny in the family! Hahahaha!! I really had to do it! The urge was unbearable! :P

I had a lot of fun and laughter with these wonderful people and I can't wait for our next misadventures! :)


  1. Hi.
    am so in love with the vibrant colors of your photos! These ones are such fun.

    Aiz's last blog post: Lacey days and Mondays

  2. I ♥ Red Mango!

    Your photo with the bunnies is so cuuute! ;D

    I wish October will be much better for you Mai! :)

  3. @aizkim hi!! thanks! :)

    @krissy KRISSSSYYYYYYYY!!!! Me too, Red Mango is a bad temptation for me. Haha.

    I just need to do the "bunny" with the bunnies!! :P IMY btw! Yes, here's to a better October!


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