Sunday, September 12, 2010

Choices and chances.

Earlier today was my first time to watch a mass on tv. I felt the need to hear His words again to comfort the soul inside me. And one thing striked me the most, about God giving us two things: Choice and Chance.

The choice over good and evil in our decisions and if we mess up, we are given the chance to fix it and do what's right.

I've been realizing a lot of things lately, I've been thankful, a little broken in between but pretty much, I've been understanding things. And taking them into my system one at a time. And with that I'd like to share this video that was also shown in the tv mass today.

It is about letting go of things that were too attached to us, it is a hard thing to do but it is only through letting go that we can accept something better from God, we just need to have the courage and most of all, to trust in Him.


  1. Awww. I like 0:54, where she hugged her paci. Funny how we are all like her. It's hard to let go of our own pacis even if there are more things in life that we should be more concerned about, to be able to truly grow. But like you said, we just have to trust in Him. You can do it, dear! Let go and grow. Let go and let God. :)

  2. (ergh.The Internet ate my message for you, so I'm going to re-encode it. Interwebz, please cooperate.


    I'm an atheist, but I completely agree with you on letting go. I'm going through something similar myself right now, and it's not easy. It hurts. it can hurt like hell. but it's necessary sometimes.

    Perhaps the expression of love you can give someone is to let them go. Letting go doesn't mean you're abandoning the friendship. It's more of giving the person more space to let him or her grow. In the same way, it's also giving yourself more space to grow, become a better, stronger, more loving person. If you insist on staying with it, constantly being there to save the person or the friendship (like in my case), it's possible that you're hindering that person's growth.

    Sometimes, people need to hit rock-bottom. After that, there's no way else but up, but they have to realize that themselves.

    I like to think of it as the Incubation stage. A premature baby needs an Incubator to keep its weak systems going, hopefully coping and adjusting to the environment it was so suddenly thrust into at birth. Mom and Dad might be there to touch the baby, hold the baby for a brief moment, but that's about it. It's now up to the baby to fight for its life, to grow stronger, fitter, for its lungs to breath the same air Mom and Dad breathe. It's for the baby now to come out a champion.

    That's pretty much what letting go feels like for me.

    I sincerely hope you find inner peace, and I hope I do too. I hope everyone does.
    chin up. We'll get through this, and be happy for it. :)


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